Slot Games Based On Mortal Kombat

Although not as successful as the Mortal Kombat video game series, there are a few slot games that are based on the brutal fighting game. Two of these slot games were released by WMS Gaming, an innovative slot machine manufacturer. These two slots are known as Mortal Kombat II and Mortal Monday. The third was made by Bally Technologies and is called Epic Journey.

Mortal Kombat II Slot Machine

The first slot machine made with Mortal Kombat characters is the WMS-made Mortal Kombat II which they created after acquiring Midway Games in 1991. As stated above, it is one of their most popular slots next to Cleopatra. It has many different bonus rounds, but the bloodiest would have to be when you get to the Pit II bonus. Over a gory background, you try and pick one of four chests with prizes inside. The prices range from diamonds, money bags and even a mask that acts as a wild card when used in the feature. While this is going on, mutants can be seen climbing up out of pits in an attempt to grab you. If they do, then the round ends and you have to start over at chest number 1 or 2 if you have already picked three or four chests respectively.

Mortal Kombat Slot Machine

The second slot machine based on Mortal Kombat is a more modern version titled simply Mortal Kombat. Released in 2013 by WMS who’s been known for making some high-quality games, has many different features to give you your money’s worth.

There are a total of five reels, with three rows and twenty bet lines. It has a wild symbol which is the green ninja logo for Sub-Zero, as well as a scatter symbol which is represented by Johnny Cage. There are also four different bonus rounds including the Pit I, Bone Breaker, The Armory and finally Soul Stealer.

Bone Breaker Bonuses

The first round known as the Bone Breaker comes up after 3 or more of the scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen. If you manage to get this feature then it will show one of 4 fights that randomly occurs every time. After you watch how it turns out, then either nothing happens or you can play another game with double the bet amount. The amount of the second game depends on how your fighter did in the first fight.

The Armory Bonus Round

The next bonus round is called the Armory and it comes up after 4 or more Sub-Zero symbols appear anywhere on the screen. During this feature, you will be presented with a total of 14 chests that contain weapons such as swords and knives as well as other items such as coins and scrolls. This round also has two different possible outcomes: either nothing happens or you get to play another mini-game with double the bet amount like in Bone Breaker. Lastly, there is one chest among those 14 that contains a random cash prize ranging from $50 up to $500 which can lead to some big payouts if lucky enough.

Soul Stealer Bonus Round

The last bonus round titled Soul Stealer is a lot different from the first two as it only comes up after picking 3 or more Johnny Cage symbols anywhere on the 5 reels. This shows you a screen that has three different levels with stairs leading to them. You will be presented with 10 characters that each have an arrow above their heads pointing either left, middle or right. These all represent paths and some of those paths contain treasures such as money bags and weapons while others lead to nothing and some even lead to Scorpion (the game’s antagonist) who will send you back to level 1 if he grabs you which ends the round.

Epic Journey Slot Machine

The slot machine based on Mortal Kombat has a total of ten different bonus rounds as it uses the Epic Journey feature which is their version of like like a free spins round. Even though there are only three reels and one pay line, it proves to be quite popular as an addition to their other slots such as Zeus and Spartacus. During this mode, you will see characters from the game such as Cage and Scorpion, but also Raiden who acts as a wild card that substitutes for any symbol except the scatter. If you like Epic Journey Slot you might also like the Nordic Slot game called Starburst.

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