how to get better at mortal kombat x

how to get better at mortal kombat x

How to Become a Better Mortal Kombat Player


how to get better at mortal kombat x


Mortal Kombat X has been out long enough to know if you’re going to stick with it, or if you’ve already dropped it in favor of The Witcher 3 or whatever new game you’re playing. Those of you who are still playing (and there are quite a few of you) may already know the ins and outs of MKX and are beating up novice players online or going to tournaments and taking names there. However, there are a lot of players who are just hopping online and mashing buttons, or they’re just stuck at a novice level of skill.

Fear not, we’re here to tell you how to get better at Mortal Kombat X so you can beat the online legion of Scorpions. In fact, if you follow a few quick tips you may even want to venture out to a tournament and try your hand against some of the more skilled players around. No matter what your intentions, we’re here to improve your MK skills, so listen up!

YouTubers and streamers deliver their Mortaal Kombat tips for beginners and competitive gamers.


Use the environment: You must use the environment to your advantage. If your character is next to an object that you can interact with, it will be highlighted. Each card contains several such items, ranging from barrels you can throw at your opponent to a lion that you can use as a jumping platform! Just press the interact button when the object is highlighted to use it. (SilentC0re)

How to Use X-Ray Attacks: In Mortal Kombat X, you can use X-ray attacks to launch a brutal animation that deals a lot of damage. When the bar at the bottom of your screen is full, it will flash and you can use your character’s specific X-ray attack by pressing both triggers at the same time. Make sure to use it when you are close to your opponent or you might miss! (SilentC0re)

But X-ray attacks aren’t always the best – learn when to use your special rods. X-rays look great, but they are not necessarily the best way to get past the special beams; however, they are very useful as a final move. These are often more important to keep for combination switches. (BRKsEDU)

Take the Time to Learn Combos – Players new to Mortal Kombat will want to make sure they really spend a lot of time going through the basic attack buttons, combos, how to perform an X-ray attack, and how to put an end to it. an attack. game with a fatality. All of this can be found in the options menu, and learning it is key to your game. (LtZonda)

Don’t skip the tutorial: each stage has fixed and dynamic elements that you can use to attack and move. Learn and use it. Try the tutorial; It sounds crazy, but it actually teaches you a lot of important information, from breaking combos to launching enemies in the air to perform combos. (BRKsEDU)

Play the Campaign Before Fighting Online: Play the Campaign for one player. It’s fun and gives you an overview of the characters. Play all Tower modes – modifiers will improve your skills and regular battles will train you. (BRKsEDU)


Mortal Kombat X tips for competitive players


If you want to get better at Mortal Kombat and compete at the highest level, you should first follow the advice of Davy Jones (gameplayrj on YouTube).

Game Practice Mode: This is your home now. You will spend many hours here to master all combos and characters. Mortal Kombat has a professional and competitive gaming community that shares the combos and the best ways to play the game, I recommend reading about this at as you won’t learn all about the mechanics of the game in depth without reading and learn his techniques.

Read: The practice mode in Mortal Kombat X has all the information out of the box about all the moves. That’s something that first appeared in Injustice: Gods Among Us. You should read what each frame name means because it’s really complex, and if you don’t study it, you won’t know which moves are better than others and what you can do to beat your fighter.

One fighter to rule them all – choose ONE fighter and only ONE. If you want to be competitive in this game you have to focus. All professional players focus on one fighter and dominate him against all others. Only if you think you can’t get better with the character you choose can you start learning another.

Study the Games Levels List – Pro gamers post Mortal Kombat’s levels list and it changes over time. It is the list that selects the main characters and defines why they are the best. If you want to play this game at a competitive level, you cannot choose a low level character.

Fight online, but only with no delay – Online mode can help you train, but only if you have no delay. You will never train properly with lag. Playing single player on Expert difficulty is also a great way to learn about each character and what your character can do, but the best way to train in Mortal Kombat X is to play against another good MKX player. If online isn’t slowing down, go ahead and fight with the best in the world.

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