how to block in mortal kombat x

In every fighting game, it is very important to block the opponent’s blows, thanks to which you avoid taking damage. Blocking decreases damage taken and, additionally, it allows you to counter the opponent’s attacks. To block in MK X, you use a separate button, and you cannot block in the way you would in the case of some other fighting games (e.g. Tekken) by holding down the “back” button. If this is the way, in which you blocked in other games, forget about it and get acquainted with a new system. At first, this may be troublesome, but after you maser the button, blocking becomes intuitive. Blocks can be high and low, depending on whether you hold down the button while standing, or while crouching. It is worth pointing out, here that you do not need to press the block button again, when the opponent jumps over your head, because your character turns back automatically, while still blocking. However, blocking does not protect you from everything! You can block individual blows, but you cannot block throws so, whenever the opponent is close to you, he can easily grab you and perform the throw.

Another method to avoid taking damage is dodging. If the opponent attacks the head (high) you can crouch to avoid taking damage, but the attacks on the chest and on the legs (Mid/Low) will still be able to reach you so, you need to block them!

Several rules of blocking and dodging


Overhead – You block them while standing. You cannot dodge them so, crouching is of no use here.

High (blow to the head) – You block them while standing. Also, you can dodge them by crouching.

Mid (Blow to the chest) – You block them while standing or crouching

Low (Blows to the legs) – you block them while crouching; also, you can jump over them.

Projectile – the majority of projectiles are High so, you can block them while standing (you then only take some damage to your guard) or you can dodge them by crouching, which is when you take no damage. Enhanced projectiles usually are doubled, where one of them hits High, and the other Mid so, you need to block them while standing or crouching

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