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How to bet in Mortal Kombat: e-sports and table games

Ever fantasize about turning $0 into thousands with one game of chance? If so, betting on competitive gaming (e-sports) might be for you. E-sports is the hot new thing in the video game world. More and more games are being developed with e-sport play in mind. Some games, like Mortal Kombat, League of Legends (LoL), Starcraft 2, and Quake Live have already cemented themselves as staples of the industry.

E-Sports Betting Sites

There are many esports betting sites available to parlay your video game knowledge into cold hard cash. One major site is called Pinnacle Sports. They offer several bets for each LoL match up, but they also offer bets on other e-sports like Starcraft 2 and Quake Live.

Betting Strategy

If you’re brand new to betting on competitive video games, there are several things I would recommend. First, only bet when the game is close. Since most of these games are team-based (5v5, 4v4) it’s almost always guaranteed that at least one side will be heavily favoured. If you put money on a heavy favorite during an early game, they score first blood and your odds drop through the floor. It all adds up; if you want to make a profit in this business you need to give yourself plenty of opportunities to win big! Secondly, play smart. Don’t take any stupid risks with your – keep your liquidity in mind. If you are interested in real blackjack, you can play it here.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, it’s time to get into some specifics. I’m going to be breaking this article up into three parts. In part 1, I will go over how to bet on one specific e-sport: League of Legends. In Parts 2 and 3, I’ll discuss two other e-sports: Starcraft 2 and Quake Live respectively. There is a lot of overlap between these games in terms of betting strategy and there are several similarities between LoL, SC2, and QL, so hopefully, you guys can pick up on them quickly, but there are also enough differences that they warrant separate discussion.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is an interesting game for betting because of its simplicity. It doesn’t have teams, so there aren’t any major upsets you need to worry about. There are only two matchups, so your odds are always either 1:1 or 2:1 (there is no middle ground). Best of all, if the game ends in a tie, bets are refunded!

Now that I’ve wetted your whistles let’s get into the actual strategies! As I just mentioned it’s really important to know when to bet on Mortal Kombat. Before each match players will be assigned two random selectors. These selectors determine their characters for the upcoming game. They usually do this by writing down character names at random on pieces of paper and putting them into a hat, but sometimes they scramble up the hat or keep them displayed on their monitor or something like that.

By now you should have a general idea of how to bet on competitive gaming.

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